My interest is in the fields of dicital architecture, architectural history. and traditional Iranian architec-ture.In this regard, in the profession-
al space over the past tew years, both in other architectural engineering companies and in my own company in these fields, efforts have been made to desian construction-projecis in the residential and …


2A Continental Architectural Awards – 2022
3rd Place

Special Award prof. Hesabi – 2019
1st Place


The Master’s Thesis Was Selected For The Ceremony Of The Country’s Top Student Dissertations – 2019

Second International Congrees on Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, Dubai – 2016

Resuscitation of Rural Buildings Containing Valuable Historical-Cultural Monuments from the Perspective of the Tourism Industry: A Case Study in Kahak Village of Qom – 2016


Zeytoon Commercial and Residential
7th Baharestan Residential
Negah Villa
Mina Residential
Doostan Villa
Bazaarche Commercial
Ararat I Residential
Ararat II Residential
Ararat III Residential
Goriz Villa
Eden 04 Villa
Aghdasieh Residential
Fereshteh Villa
Niloofar Residential
Mersa Commercial and Residential
Iranian Pavillon – Dubai Expo 2020